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  • Max October 2012
Hosting provider refused to touch their clients for copyright violation
  • I found a website that use some of my images and post on their website. I have contacted them nicely but they refused to take it off. I have also tried with a higher authority, which is their hosting provider but they seem didn't want to get involve and against their client.
    Please let me know what else I can do to persuade the hosting provider to help me because so far, they're the only one who has the authority to take down the copy images from their client. Isn't every hosting provider has to abide by world wide copyright law or something?

    They even told me to sue the company that copies my work and bring it to the court instead of asking them to do it.
    Sound easy but in Vietnam, you can buy off pretty much anyone, it's the war of money. The other company is bigger than me, has more money than me, I'm just a freelancer working at home so there is highly chance that I'll lose if I decided to sue.

  • Sorry I only checked the forums now... Sorry about your misadventures. Please send me an email with everything you got to max at myows and I'll try sort it out.

    Many Thanks
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