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  • Max July 2012


User ID copyright?
  • I have used the same userID on almost everything I have done online for over 5 years and I just found out today that I have over 22,000 listings for that ID on Google!
    Well the idea worked - if I use the same user id people can find me on different sites! But how do I protect my user id??? I found one site "Asian videos" that had my user id but I had never been there before and it was supposed to be a video site (youtube) but I didnt dig to see if my videos from youtube were there.

    Any suggestions, OTHER than creating an acct on every site, would be really appreciated.

    Long time customer & fan! Love you guys!
  • Hi Sandy and thank you for your support

    Thats a very valid concern - and I guess there is nothing you can do to prevent this :(

    I have also recently experienced this with a user on a "Occupy Wall Street" forum who chose the username, you guessed it, "myows"!
    Fearless web designer, copyright consultant and startup owner on a Quest for Simplicity.