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Does Myows protect work worldwide?
  • Posted by dokkankom on Apr 11th 2010

    Just wondering! if myows protects work worldwide?


    Max Apr 11th 2010
    Myows was built to be legally sound in the 160+ countries signatory of the Berne Convention.

    (full list here: )
    Max 'Zebra' Guedy | Webdesigner, Myows co-founder and forum admin.

    dziungles Jun 8th 2010
    My country is in the list. I'm from Lithuania and I just uploaded a logo to protect. So is "Myows" a reliable free alternative to traditional expensive trademark registration? Is it safe to create a trademark and protect it only with "Myows"?


    Max Jun 9th 2010 edited
    Hi dziungles

    Your copyright is covered, but trademark law is separate from copyright law and covers parts of your brand such as words and colors on top of design (copyright only covers original creative works, like the logotype itself, but can't help if a competitor chooses a name or a color similar to yours).

    Hi hope this help

    Max 'Zebra' Guedy | Webdesigner, Myows co-founder and forum admin.


    dziungles Jun 9th 2010 edited
    Hi, so there is the case -

    My client registered just the symbol (without the text) as a trademark and it cost around 100$.

    So for the next time, in this case would it be enough to register only with Myows?


    Max Jun 10th 2010
    Myows will not replace a trademark application, the differences might be too long-winded and technical to relate in a forum. Also note that copyright protection is worldwide whereas TM applications must be done on a per country basis.

    The best advice I can give you is to consult with a TM attorney in your country to find out which protection, on top of copyright, you get from trademarking your brand.
    Max 'Zebra' Guedy | Webdesigner, Myows co-founder and forum admin.


    dziungles Jun 10th 2010 edited
    I added this logo to Myows?

    So what exactly I am protecting here?

    The concept? Idea?
    The form?
    Anything else?


    Chris Jun 11th 2010
    Hi there dziungles - Max is right TM is essentially a very special type of copyright, with it's own special laws and registration processes that differ from country to country (or even State to State). You may have certain copyrights inherent in the design itself but these do not necessarily give you the right to use this as a protected trade mark or brand name. It is still a good idea to upload a copy of the work to Myows as evidence that you created the work and will help to create a chain of evidence to your benefit. However, you would be well advised to ask a local trademark attorney (in Lithuania) for more advice on this. Concepts and ideas on the other hand are never copyrightable - take a look at our FAQs to understand how a 'protectable' Original Work is defined. Hope this helps!
    Myows co-founder and Brand Strategist

    Max Jun 11th 2010
    Also, it could interesting for you to read our Copyright Basics for Graphic Designers to get a better understanding of what copyright is and what it means to create Original Work.
    Fearless web designer, copyright consultant and startup owner on a Quest for Simplicity.