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Who should use Myows?

Photographers, writers, designers, artists, journalists, bloggers – anybody who has created an original work and therefore has a copyright (owns intellectual property).

How do I copyright my work?

You automatically have copyrights in any original work you produce but the onus is on you to prove that you are the creator (which is where Myows will help you). You can view the Myows tutorial “how to copyright my work with Myows“.

Is Myows just for professionals?

No. Myows is for anyone who creates something original that they want to claim ownership of. You have copyright in your original works – you just need to protect it.

What is an original work?

Original works are anything you create that are not copies of something else and have been ‘reduced to material form’ (meaning they’re not just an idea).

How does Myows help me to avoid expensive legal battles?

Uploading your work to Myows provides you with evidence as well as a deterrence measure designed to prevent theft. The site will also assist you in contacting unauthorised users of your work and is able to provide verifiable third-party evidence on your behalf, at your request.

Does Myows work in the United States?

Yes. Myows helps you prove that the copyright of your work lies with you following the principles of the DMCA, even in the United States. Should you be victim of a copyright infringement in the United States, you would still be able to issue a cease-and-desist injunction against the unauthorized infringement and claim for loss of income if commercial loss can be established. To be able to claim punitive damages in a US court of law, you would need to have your work registered with USCO (United States Copyright Office).

How much does it cost to have a Myows account?

The Free (forever) Plan lets you protect 100 OWs forever and showcase all your images on your own Myows portfolio website at no cost. Myows also offers different pay plans with more capacity and advanced features to sell your work and customize your photo website. You can see the detailed pricing here.

What storage capacity does Myows provide?

You get to protect 100 OWs (files) with a Free plan, 1,000 OWs with a Pro plan and 100,000 OWs with a Premium or Elite plan. You can see the detailed pricing here.

Exactly what kind of files can I upload to Myows?

Images (.jpg | .gif | .png | .bmp | .tif | etc.)
video ( .mov | .avi | etc.)
sound ( .mpg |. mp3 | etc.)
text ( .doc | plain text)
vector files ( .ai | .id | etc.)
html files
animations ( .fla | .swf )
… pretty much any kind of file you can think of!

What do I do if I find that someone has stolen my Original Work?

You open a case on Myows which will then guide you through the necessary steps typically required to resolve the matter and any related disputes.

How long will my files stay on Myows’ servers?

For as long as your account remains open and active (Free accounts must be accessed at least once every 2 months). Paid accounts must be settled on a monthly basis.

Is it really impossible for anybody to alter the date on an uploaded file?

Yes, not even the team at Myows can alter the date of upload of your files, The unique hash value internally assigned to each file provides additional tamper proof evidence linking the file to the date of upload.

How do I know if somebody has copied my work?

If your OW is an image, you can open the OW you uploaded in Myows and click on “Look for copies of this OW” (green button). It will open a new window and show you where visually similar images can be found on the web. You can also use third-party tools such as TinEye (for pics), Copyscape (for text) or Fairshare (for RSS feeds) to find your work online.

Can I modify files that I’ve already uploaded?

No, the files that you upload are non-modifiable. You can only delete them and, if necessary, replace them with newer versions.

What’s to stop someone uploading copied work to their Myows account?

Nothing. But if disputed, the original creator would simply have to prove that they had the work before the date that the copier uploaded the work to Myows. That way they can prove their copyright and disprove the uploading party’s claim. Of course, if the original creator also has a Myows account, that’ll be very easy! (Just remember to always upload your creations timeously)

Will Myows send any legal letters on my behalf?

No, but we will provide you with great legal templates and will even fill them in for you using the information you supply. Myows will however send proof of your uploaded work and related date to third parties upon your request.

How do I protect the images I post on Facebook and Instagram?

You can sync your Myows account with Facebook and Instagram. You can then add the hashtag #myows to the pictures you post on Facebook and Instagram and your pictures will go straight to your Myows account. View the tutorial.

How can I create my free photo website with Myows?

Your Myows Photo Website is the easiest way to have your professional website: eye-catching, mobile-friendly and free. Your pictures are watermarked and registered with Myows. You have your own address on the web, ie Take a look at our tutorial “How to create your free photo website“. Pro users can sell their pictures, upload their own watermarks (or choose not to display any). Premium and Elite users get more choices of website templates. Elite users can sell .psd, vectors, illustratins, PDFs, ebooks, videos and any zippable files.

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