Hey all, it’s been 6 weeks since we launched the humble Myows API and we are truly excited by the results of the 4 Step Challenge (the word “stoked” springs to mind).

Now comes the hard part: deciding on the winners.

Luckily, this is a team effort though, so we’re counting on you guys to cast your vote and help us decide who takes home the now cliched (but still very desirable) iPad prizes! Remember the original brief:

We were looking for plug-ins, add-ons and stand alone applications that improve the user experience and add useful functionality:

1- Use the new Myows API to develop a plug-in, add-on or stand alone application that assists other Myows members in registering, protecting and/or managing their rights

2- Develop this solution in a way that allow users to access key functionality in 4 steps or less

3- Implement your code and design with integrity, simplicity and elegance

The FIVE CONTENDERS ARE (In no particular order ;-) ):


1 -> Owit (WP plugin)

2 -> Shirtsafe (Multi featured integration with Printfection)

3 -> CapOW (takes a screenshot of websites you’ve created and sends it to your Myows account)

4 -> Myows Drupal Module (a different approach to copyright protection)

5 -> Myows for WordPress (WP plugin)


As usual, we want to keep this simple and make it as easy as possible for you to voice your opinion.

Just head over to this forum thread and leave a comment mentioning which App is your favorite.

Voting ends on the 31st of May. We’re seriously looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks guys.