We really enjoy getting feedback from the community and it is always with great interest that we read articles detailing how people are using Myows to protect their copyright.

The early reviews we received from Web Appstorm, Freelanceswitch and others were hugely insightful and encouraging, but we also want to know and share how independent creatives interact with our interface.

If you are still unsure if Myows is for you or how to use the app, I invite you to read these 2 recent reviews.

From Ben Ellis – Myows Free Online Copyright Protection:

My favorite quote from this article would probably be:
“I uploaded all my stuff yesterday and it was a total cinch.”
Read the full Review

From Signorina Navarra – Myows.com has got your back:

I’m unable to single out a favorite quote from this brilliantly concise and engaging review, so read it for yourself if you are not yet convinced about joining Myows.

If you run a blog and publish a post detailing how you like to use Myows, please let us know. We love hearing your opinion.