Tandem SkydiveThe issue of whether Myows is trustworthy is an interesting one.

Okay, to be honest, it’s a little frustrating. But then I guess it’s always annoying to be faced with trust barriers when you’ve started a positive initiative and all you want to do is go out there and nail bad guys. Of course, these questions are only natural at the end of the day. So here is our response.

We realise that there will always be skeptics and conspiracy theorists, but as for the rational majority – here’s what we’ve done to ensure that you can trust us with your work:

1. Each file is stored and backed-up on two remote, independently operated and maintained servers on opposite sides of the world. If both these servers are simultaneously and cataclysmically destroyed, the safety of your OWs will cease to be your priority.

2. A unique hash value is generated for each work at the time of upload. This is permanently linked with the file to form your OW. Basically each file is packing its own fingerprint/retinal ID, proving that it is who it claims and that it was born when it was born.

3. All databases (including hash values) are periodically filed (as recorded data) at our lawyer’s offices in a large steel safe that may even survive the cataclysm mentioned in 1 above.

4. All the leading web security standards (including SSL encryption) have been thoroughly and conscientiously applied across our app to ensure safe transfer of data and reliable verification where required. (Gmail and Basecamp only recently switched to this approach, and Facebook or Twitter have yet to follow our lead in terms of site-wide SSL security.)

5 Dave, Max, Steve and I are all really good-natured people with solid middle-class upbringings, decent (not decadent) tertiary education and friendly dispositions.

What else can we do to help you believe we’re on your side?

Plenty. But right now our focus is on getting a great service and product to people that do believe us in light of the above. Time will provide the best evidence of our intentions.

Suffice to say that we’ve gone the extra mile in building a brand that stands for integrity, safety and solidarity amongst the creative community. Ergo: there’d be little point in allowing anything or anyone to jeopardise all that.

As far as l running off into the night with our members’ work is concerned… what would we do with your OWs if we were to steal them? Would we print them all out and fold them into origami paper hats?… perhaps. Would we secretly sell them on to the highest bidder? Now that would be ridiculous.

Stealing our member’s OWs (or allowing them to be stolen) is really not a sustainable business model. If this ever happened, you can bet your cotton socks (it’s an English thing) that somebody would find out and spread the word fast. We are talking about the net after all.

We would prefer to keep our business and personal reputations in tact thank you very much.

Bear in mind that, if we breached fellow-members’ trust, we’d go down in history, not only as evil idiots, but also as irony personified. Myows would be stuffed. What a waste… even if we were the bad guys.

Which. Of course. We’re not.