A Typical and not so Funny Case of Online Copyright Infringement

UPDATE: A year after this post was published funnyjunk’s lawyer Charles Carreon threatened the Oatmeal

I’m a huge fan of the Oatmeal, an abrasive and hilarious comic-strip by Matthew Inman. In fact, he is probably my favorite person to follow on twitter or Facebook and brightens my timeline daily. Matthew is clearly too talented for his own good – producing Highly Original cartoons, and it is no surprise that, with very little deterrents, his work gets republished with no attribution on a plethora of dubious sites. One of which is called FunnyJunk and lives up to the latter part of the name.

Last week, the Oatmeal decided to do something about his work being stolen and the response from the perpetrator is nothing short of astounding and sheds a light on the general ignorance of online content publishers.

Instead of apologizing and bowing before Matthew’s superb work, FunnyJunk’s admin tried to send it’s troop of trolls to give the Oatmeal a piece of their *ignorant* mind.

This saddens me.

Dear Oatmeal, if your read this

You should join our Quest to make the internet a better place, open a free Myows account (you can signup with your FaceBook account) and use a Myows deterrent Banner on your blog – it will look like this:

copyright protected by myows

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We’re here to help talented artists like you.