google result for copyright protection app

Like the modern philosopher’s stone, many wonder what the secret is to being number 1 in Google

We don’t have a team of offshore “SEO experts” boosting our rankings by spamming your favorite forums and blogs’ comments.


It’s just our community’s awesome recommendations and reviews that allow us to be the #1 copyright protection app in Google’s books.

Admittedly we did write an open letter to the search giant last month (in case you missed it or haven’t signed it yet, it’s at but we haven’t heard back from them yet and I doubt handshakes would help anyone come out first in their algorithm.

But that’s not all…

Myows is also the #1 for “Free Online Copyright” ahead of Creative Commons and the USCO (which I must say is not free)

Google results for free online copyright

It’s all thanks to you and our community can be proud, so please keep on recommending Myows and educate your friends about their copyright.

If you’ve mentioned Myows somewhere online, we’d like you to share the link in the comments below, and here’s a BIG THANK YOU for participating in the growth of our Copyright Oasis.