Question: What do developer community TutsPlus, US mag Popular Science and gaming communities Newgrounds and Minecraft have in common?

Answer: They all recommend you use to protect your copyright!

Nettuts wrote:
“It’s an easy-to-use app dedicated to providing a full suite of copyright solutions, from registration to management.
Myows has been created for designers, photographers, bloggers, writers, musicians and anyone who creates copyrightable work.”
We recommend that authors on ThemeForest use this service!

Popular Science wrote:
(…) Once you write it, copyright it. Myows is a third-party verifier that helps you defend against plagiarism”

NewGrounds wrote:
“If you are concerned about copyright or having your work stolen, submit it to at the same time you submit to Newgrounds. Myows stores your work with a tamper-proof date stamp and provides forms for filing infringement claims and sending cease and desist letters.”

On the Minecraft Forums:
How to Protect your artwork
“This should be independently verified by a third party like: : This is free!
There you can register and upload your files for verification.”

But there’s More

Obviously, there have been many more reviews and recommendations of Myows, most of which we place on our press reviews page.

These endorsements really make us proud and we hope to add many more big names to the list of websites and communities that recommend Myows to their users.