sneak10I set myself the creative challenge of coming up with 10 ways to use Myows other than for its intended purpose.

Some are ridiculous, some are based on precedent but many I have just made up because I am feeling inspired.

If you have more suggestions or creative uses of Myows to share, just leave a comment.

Please remember that the real reason Myows is here is to protect and manage your copyrights.

If you really wanted, you could also:

1)   Get together with other Myows users and play the world’s most certifiable game of ching chong cha (rock, paper, scissors) by all uploading pics at the same time.

2)   Upload plain invitation text to an infringement-themed party then issue Myows certificates for everyone you want to invite (cocktail suggestion: Piracy Punch and/or Copyright Cosmopolitans)

3)   Create a remote backup of your most important files – upload all your most important working files so that you are 100% certain that they are safe and that you can access them from anywhere in the world that you may be.

4)   Create a reliable legal repository, keeping copies of all your most important legal documents (birth certificates, ID and passport, leases, contracts etc.), dated, verified, secure and in one place.

5)   Make a Point: Write down your secret thoughts to be revealed at a later stage and prove that you had those thoughts when you had them, even if nobody was listening (you get to say “I told you so” with proof and impunity… you get to be THAT guy).

6)   Set up an account under a friend’s name and upload the logos of the fortune 500, then send them all cease and desist letters (obviously don’t actually do this – you will be sued so badly that you will probably never recover).

7)   Store your passwords to other sites, bank vaults, secret societies etc. right here where you know nobody can touch them. You can access them from anywhere, search for them and keep them in dated batches for you reference.

8)   Upload a certificate as an original work and then issue a certificate for that certificate. Continue doing so until you get bored or your MacBook runs out of batteries. Then send this certificate and a snotty letter to anyone you know who is a little OCD.

9)   Upload a whole bunch of predictions separately (winning lotto numbers, World Cup play-offs etc.), delete the ones that don’t come true and then phone the media and tell them that you are the new Nostradamus and you have proof.

10)  Leave an uncontestable last will and testament complete with unalterable date – simply leave the access codes with your lawyer or in your secret safe.  You could also really surprise everyone here with eccentric naked pictures of yourself.