Visit the panic rip-off page

Yesterday I showcased Tim van Damme’s Wall of Shame, a rather fun way to treat copyright thieves.

Today I’ll present a similar approach, from Panic, the software makers who bring us Coda, Transmit and other Mac apps that have become part of our every day life.

On top of being a leading software maker, Panic is well known for it’s detailed icons and cutting-edge designs, as you can see on their über gorgeous Home page:

Panic Home Page

As with all things awesome, these icons were copied by lazy designers, and Panic doesn’t approve. Instead, the company decided to create a Western-like page exposing copyright thieves.

They obviously put a fair amount of effort into creating each image, as rolling over a screenshot becomes a game, exposing where the copy is taking place.

I recommend you visit the Panic Rip-Off Express and see for yourself how a leading company tackles infringement with humor.