The awesome team of developers at Myows has been hard at work to create new ways for you to register your copyright though RSS or simply create your own Intellectual Property Licenses with a Contract Generator.

As you know, the files you upload to Myows are securely stored inside your account, and no one but you or your clients can access them. But what if you want to show them off? Today we’re happy to announce a new function that allows you to share with your friends and social networks the works you upload to Myows in a very simple way, and you can even gather feedback that way thanks to Facebook commenting!

Making your works sharable is very simple:
When you are looking at your OW, click the box next to “Shared” and you will be given a link to your OW that anyone can access.

If the above is unclear, look at this screenshot that appears when you click on the thumbnail of one of your works, in this case a flyer designed for that I now want to show off to my friends:

Once you’ve clicked on a registered work’s thumbnail, you get to this screen:

From that page hosted on our servers (for instance you will be able to get your friends to Like, Tweet or Comment on your work.

Myows is able to display most types of file: .jpg, .png, .mp3, .pdf, .doc, .xls and many more, making sure you can securely show off your work after you’ve protected your copyright.