Logo Copyright protected with Myows

Back in August, I offered to help my brother-in-law by designing a logo for his new venture http://corprogram.co.za . Admittedly, I didn’t spend more than a few hours on it and followed his wishes to have a 3D globe instead of the letter “O” – but am still pleased with the result which I believe gives his business a professional online image.

Today, while browsing the web for pictures of “blue fire”, I came across a very similar logo for a Fire Protection Service I hadn’t heard of before:

My first reaction was to tell myself I’d been plagiarized – the colors, the treatment of the Helvetica letters being distorted by an imaginary white halo, the general feel… my copyrights have been infringed for the 5th time since launching Myows a year ago (that I know of) – lets take out the full arsenal of legal tools that Myows provides me with and make a point!

But then I got thinking about Chris’ article on Creative Zeitgeist – and I am now wondering about the possibility that different designers could come up with the same ideas I did when given the task of creating a logo for any company called “Core”.

Is my logo really that original?

A quick Google search for “core logo” might actually indicate a case of Creative Zeitgeist:

I do not know when these logos were created, all I know is that I created mine on the 9th August 2010 – I can prove it if asked to do so – and i also know that originality can be subjective and often lies in the eye of the beholder.

So what do you think? Is this a case of my original idea being copied 3 times since August (which I doubt) or just different designers coming up with similar concepts?

Have you had similar experiences? If so, please share…