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Let’s change the way we think about online copyright forever

06.18.12 in Behind the scenes, General by Max

Last Month Chris and I presented Myows in front of an audience of Cape Town tech startups. Of course we can talk about Online Copyright Protection for hours, but that day we only had 90 seconds. We believe our presentation was pretty fun, so today I wanted to share the transcript with you. (more…)

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FunnyJunk’s ridiculous threats to theOatmeal

06.11.12 in Exposed, General, In the News by Max

The Oatmeal soars higher than Funnyjunkoatmeal funnyjunk legal letter

We love TheOatmeal and last year we covered the FunnyJunk VS Oatmeal copyright infringement case. It just got better with Funnyjunk hiring a lawyer and threatening to sue one of our Internet Heroes for defending his copyright! (more…)

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Share and Show Off the OWs that are copyright protected with Myows

06.11.12 in Announcement, General by Max

The awesome team of developers at Myows has been hard at work to create new ways for you to register your copyright though RSS or simply create your own Intellectual Property Licenses with a Contract Generator.

As you know, the files you upload to Myows are securely stored inside your account, and no one but you or your clients can access them. But what if you want to show them off? Today we’re happy to announce a new function that allows you to share with your friends and social networks the works you upload to Myows in a very simple way, and you can even gather feedback that way thanks to Facebook commenting! (more…)

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How to protect your Etsy copyrights

05.31.12 in Announcement, General by Max

We have many users on Etsy asking us what the best way is to protect their copyright. So today I thought I’d publish the answer for all to see. (more…)

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Blogger’s copyright gets infringed by Newspaper. Gets 500$ on the spot (video)

05.18.12 in Exposed by Max

PlagiarismToday has always been a goldmine of information for us at Myows and many of our features, such as the step-by-step dispute resolution mechanism, were inspired by his expertise in online copyright infringement.

In today’s post on PlagiarismToday, Jonathan Bailey analyses a recent copyright case that was filmed and went viral. Watch this fascinating video:


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How to protect your blog’s copyright (and Flickr pix, and Dribbble shots, and Deviations…)

04.30.12 in Announcement by Max

Since we launched Myows Copyright Protection Solutions, a lot of our users have asked about the best way to protect their blogs’ copyright.

The solution we came up with allows you to enter an RSS feed, and from then on all new additions to the feed will automatically be registered as OWs, straight into your Myows account. (more…)

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Create, Send, Sign and Store your Copyright Contracts and Licenses. Online. On Myows.

03.27.12 in Announcement by Chris Human

The Myows’ Contract Generator just went live and managing your copyrights just got even easier.

Here’s the inside scoop. From the beginning, the Myows team’s dream has been to help creative businesses and freelancers like ourselves give their intellectual property the respect it deserves. (more…)

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Copyright Security for Web Design Agency’s Clients

03.26.12 in General by Max

I received a really nice email today from Robin Jennings who runs a Web Agency in Australia. I wanted to share it with you: (more…)

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How a Logo Design Company in Vietnam Protects its Copyrights

02.08.12 in General, Interview by Max

We love creatives, getting to know our users, see your designs and find out how you use Myows to protect your copyright. Last week while going through our stats I noticed more hits than usual from Vietnam and decided to investigate. The sudden spike was attributed to AiO Studio, they create great-looking logos and proudly mention on their website that their logos’ copyrights are managed with Myows. I decided to contact the owner for an interview. (more…)

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Online Copyright Protection Basics for Digital Creatives & Busy Startup Owners

02.06.12 in General, In the News by Max

Today I wrote a guest post about the basics of copyright for Wixel’s blog readers. Wixel is the company behind the awesome Boxrockit, a platform that allows you to sell your digital goods in the most simple way.

The article is called Copyright Protection for Those Who Didn’t Attend Law School and is geared towards busy digital creatives and startup owners. In it I cover some copyright basics in what I hope to be layman’s terms: (more…)

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