I’ve received a few questions from you regarding the Coming of Age Newsletter we sent out yesterday. I’ll make my answers public so you can all understand the Early Bird Offer we’ve devised.

Basically, in a couple of months, we’ll be adding great new features and changing our pricing structure for new signups- But we’ll take good care of those of you who’ve already been supporting us.

Here’s the deal:

Currently, the free account gives you 1Gig of space
The pro account gives you 4 Gigs for 5$/month

In future (sometime in September) – our pricing structure will change for NEW users:

Free account will be just as a sampler (far less than the current 1Gig we’re giving you)
Basic account will have limited access to new features for 5$/month
Pro Accounts will have all new features for 24$/month


If you are on a Free account at present, you’ll always have 1Gig of space and for a year you’ll be able to use some of the new features of the FUTURE 5$ accounts at no extra cost (it pays to be an early bird )


Upgrade to the current 5$ Pro account before September (cut-off time) and you will automatically be upgraded to the FUTURE 24$/m account, for life, at no extra cost (it pays even more to be a paying early bird)So you’ll be paying 5$ instead of 24$

Here are some Q&A from our Support desk

1. What will be the restrictions on the future free account?
In a couple of months, our future Free Accounts will only be a sampler of the product with very limited functionality. So tell everyone you know to signup now!

2. If I do not upgrade, do I get the basic $5 month plan free for a year?
Yes. The Future Basic plan will offer some of the new functions, including the ability to use the Contract Generator. If you currently have a Myows account, you’ll be able to make use of the benefits of the FUTURE basic plan for a year.

3. There is going to be (at least) 3 price plans, free, basic, and pro…
and if i upgrade now I get the pro plan at the price of the basic plan?

Yes, if you upgrade now, you’ll get all the benefits of our Future 24$/month plan for 5$/month, for life. It pays to be an Early Bird!

4. If I upgrade,is it possible to swtich back to the free plan, and are my works still protected?
Yes, provided you have less than 1GB of work stored. Anything above that 1GB limit will be erased.

5. If I miss a payment for any reason, how long do you keep the OWs safe before removing them
If you are on a paying account and don’t pay, your OWs above the limit will be locked, but remain on the system for a month.
You’ll get many reminders.
After that month they will be erased permanently.
Now, we are not bad guys and we understand that creatives might go through exceptional circumstances, in which case you can contact us and we’ll make a plan.

6. Will the pro account for life work if you do the yearly payment plan?
Yes – pay yearly now and you get the benefits of the future 24$/month plan (or 240$/year) at the reduced rate of 50$/year, for life.

If you have more questions regarding our offer, don’t hesitate to ask!