new home

A little over two weeks since opening Myows for Beta testing, we have done some nifty changes to the homepage (If you’re logged in, you’ll need to log out to view it).

jQuery to the rescue

We switched from a Flash-based header, built with the Gaia Flash Framework, to a jQuery-powered approach.

The immediate benefits should include :

  1. Faster loading times
  2. Ability to track conversion rates and clickmaps
  3. Compatibility with devices who don’t support Flash
  4. Better indexing
  5. Increased UX
  6. Scalability

I would love to hear what you think of it!

We now offer 500MB of free storage

During BETA testing, we’re now giving everybody 500MB to kick off with.

We may amend this in future depending on usage patterns and user feedback (rest assured: BETA testers will always have at least 500MB available to them).

Remember, Myows can optimize the size of the files you upload to save you space so 500 Megs should allow you to realistically store about 2500 images or 15,000 text files without paying a cent.

If you reach your storage limit, contact us and we’ll see if we can hook you up with a little extra room.

So if you’re haven’t done so already, get your free Myows account and start managing your copyright in a matter of minutes.