For centuries, the French have been known for ‘doing things differently’, for our creative flair and our boundless pioneering spirit (or at least I like to think so).

We certainly brought you Monet, the Concorde, Debussy and the croissant (sheer genius). While I’m at it, we can also take credit for the metric system (sorry to our US members!) and the not-so-humble cabaret. And then of course, there’s the bicycle and let’s not forget creme brulée.

But you can thank us for these things later. In the meantime, it seems only fitting that we also had a hand in creating Myows, the global platform to help creative folk protect the integrity and value of their Original Work through registering and managing their copyrights. But you knew that.

Even more fitting: as of today, Myows is available in French!

After considerable effort and many cups of (good French-pressed) coffee, Myows is now available to the Francophone world.

Considering that French is spoken by over half a billion people worldwide (from Mauritius to Quebec, from Paris to Laos) we think that’s quite an accomplishment! What’s more, for 136 million people, French is their native language (mother-tongue speakers).

To be sure, not all of these individuals are creative and even fewer have access to a decent computer… but for those who do and who are, simply select French from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of your Myows homepage and you’ll be good to go.

Voilà et Bienvenue dans un Monde plus sûr pour vos Droits d’auteurs.

NB: It’s been a lot of work and the French site still has a lot of things that are needed, so please view it as an early Beta. For instance, I still need to record the screencasts and some links might redirect you to English pages instead of their French counterparts – we’ll address that. You may report bugs and give your impressions about what we’re busy achieving on the Myows French Forum. Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.