Last Month Chris and I presented Myows in front of an audience of Cape Town tech startups. Of course we can talk about Online Copyright Protection for hours, but that day we only had 90 seconds. We believe our presentation was pretty fun, so today I wanted to share the transcript with you.

(Chris): So let’s be honest, we South Africans are famous for a lot of things before being a nation of tech startups.

Things like the shark, the world cup and Waka Waka.

Except Shakira is not South African and she didn’t write this song. She stole it from these poor guys in Cameroon:

You see the internet is all about sharing and that’s awesome.

There’s one little downside though: thousands of creatives like those guys in Cameroon and Max and myself get our work stolen, or “borrowed” without our consent every day.

The thing is copyright and internet go together like Jacob Zuma supporters:

And this painting of his penis (that we lifted from the internet by the way)

So not very well. Something needed to shift…

So we’ve been working on a solution to help freelancers and creatives of all kinds protect and manage their copyrights online WITHOUT being dicks.

(Max): It’s called Myows and you can think of it as BaseCamp for Copyright.

It’s a set of fun and easy to use tools that helps you prove that you are behind your work.

It lets you share, license or sell your work to clients or mega-rich corporations.

Find copies of your work online.

And close down the bad guys.

And it seems to work… Myows has protected nearly 50 000 music files, photos, blogs, designs, even home-porn movies…

… which amount to 0,1% of where we want to be.

So to protect your next million-dollar idea, please register at and help us change the way we think about online copyright forever.

End of transcript

Find out more about how Shakira stole the Waka Waka song or about the painting of Jacob Zuma’s Spear.