vivatropical protects its copyright

In the era of content marketing, protecting your Intellectual Property is vital. And this is why a new Investment Magazine focusing on Central America contacted us.

You see, Vivatropical employs a staff of 7; writers, editors and SEO specialists to make sure they can provide unique and high-quality articles that get indexed by Google for a long list of specific keywords. Because those articles are very interesting and optimized for that niche (Latin America investment), there is a high-risk that competitors would steal their posts and Vivatropical needed an easy way to register and protect its copyright, along with a dummy-proof way to pursue copyright infringers should the need arise.

They found the perfect solution in Myows with our RSS Feed copyright registration.

Like most magazines, Vivatropical runs on WordPress and finding the RSS Feed’s address is as simple as adding “/feed/” after the homepage’s url (so in this case ) – with that feed added in their Myows account, each new article gets registered by Myows automatically as it gets published, and a quick search for copies allows the Vivatropical staff to quickly know if anyone is using their articles without their consent.

Kudos to the Vivatropical team for being pro-active about protecting their copyright. By taking 10 minutes to open a Myows account and adding their RSS feed they can rest assured that what belongs to them gets protected instantly, and automatically.

And you, what are you doing to protect your blog’s copyright?