We love creatives, getting to know our users, see your designs and find out how you use Myows to protect your copyright. Last week while going through our stats I noticed more hits than usual from Vietnam and decided to investigate. The sudden spike was attributed to AiO Studio, they create great-looking logos and proudly mention on their website that their logos’ copyrights are managed with Myows. I decided to contact the owner for an interview.

1 – Tell us a bit about yourself, where you live and what your business does

My name is Trung Le. I live in North Carolina, US and my business AiO Studio, is located in Vietnam.
AiO Studio is an online company that provides new styles and creative designs to Vietnam. Most of our services are new and never been introduced in Vietnam.

2 – Who is your typical client

Our target is small and home businesses, especially young generation from about age 16-27.

3 – Have you ever had your work copied, if so, please tell us what happened?

About a year ago, we designed a business card for our client who didn’t have a logo. We did a very good job on their card, that included some work on the brand name to make sure it looks nice along with the design. They loved it. Everything went very well until two months later, we found down that our client had just used a part of our design as their brand logo and signage. A regular business card design might cost around $100, but a logo design could cost 5 times more than that. We didn’t want to offend our client and we didn’t actually have any policy said that they couldn’t use our design as a logo.
We felt exploited, even violated.

After that incident, we changed our policy and added a whole paragraph about this. We even stated in our “terms of agreement” that our works are protected by Myows & a Creative License, and until now, we have never had any similar case again.

4 – How did you find out about Myows? When was your first OW uploaded?

After that incident happened, I was wondering if there were something out there that could help us protect our designs. So my friend told me about Myows and said that Myows could help us protected our works, even with logos that not yet being trademarked.

5 – How many OWs do you currently have registered?

Right now, I have more than 40 OWs that have registered.

6 – Did you yet need to use Myows’ case resolution function?

Fortunately, No and I hope I would not have to use it in the future.

7 – What do you like most about Myows?

Easy upload and managing of “my Ows” ;).

8 – What areas could we improve on?

So far, TinEye is not working very well. I tried on some pictures that I’m sure it was being used by other parties but TinEye didn’t find any.
I think it would be a plus if you guys provide some kind of copyright search engine that actually works, it would be very cool even with a price plan.

9 – If we were to create a new feature just for you, what would it be?

The one I just mentioned above, a copyright search engine. It would be a best thing on the planet.

10 – Thank you so much for your time and for introducing us to your company. We wish you much success and few copyright infringement cases. We’ve heard your desire for a copyright search engine and hope to make it a reality in the not-so-far future.

You’re very welcome, Myows is a great service and gives us and our clients peace of mind. I’ll be keeping an eye open for your future releases.

NB: If you use Myows and would like to be interviewed, we’d love to hear from you. Please let us know through our Facebook or Twitter pages