We have many users on Etsy asking us what the best way is to protect their copyright. So today I thought I’d publish the answer for all to see.

The simplest way to protect the Original Works you upload to Etsy is to register your Etsy RSS feed with Myows. That way every new design you upload to Etsy will automatically be registered to your Myows account, from which you will also be able to create custom licenses and detect copies of your work.

But not everyone knows what their RSS url is.

For the sake of example, I went to a random shop that is appearing on Etsy’s homepage.

The shop’s URL is http://www.etsy.com/shop/frighten (for your own shop, replace “frighten” with your Etsy username)

That shop’s RSS can be found here:

So to register your own designs painlessly and make sure your copyright is covered as soon as an item gets uploaded to Etsy, just log in to your Myows account (or sign up for Free), go to the RSS Feeds tab, then click Add New.

The RSS URL you need to enter will be
… it’s that simple!

From then on, all new designs you upload to Etsy will be automatically registered with Myows!

Remember that you can also register your copyrights through RSS Feeds for FlickR, DeviantArt, Dribbble and many more of your accounts in a very similar way… It’s our continuous ambition to help you protect your copyrights with minimal effort required!

You can read more about it here: How to protect your blog’s copyright (and Flickr pix, and Dribbble shots, and Deviations…) and for a full independent review, head over to this article on TheNextWeb Myows rolls out automated copyright protection for content on Flickr, Dribbble or any site with an RSS feed