Since we launched Myows Copyright Protection Solutions, a lot of our users have asked about the best way to protect their blogs’ copyright.

The solution we came up with allows you to enter an RSS feed, and from then on all new additions to the feed will automatically be registered as OWs, straight into your Myows account.

This is not only a perfect solution for bloggers, on WordPress, TypePad or Blogger, but since you can enter any RSS feed which content you own, you can also make use of the new RSS Feed registration function to protect your copyright on the pictures you upload to FlickR, the designs you showcase on Dribbble or Deviantart and many more. The possibilities are endless!

To start using the RSS registration function, just log into your Myows account (or signup for free) and look for the RSS Feeds tab.

The functionality should work with ANY kind of RSS feed, but is still “in Beta”. As always, we welcome your suggestions for improvement and bug-hunting skills.