Here we are (somewhere between Singapore, Paris and Cape Town) and this is it – the very first myows blog post!

We are live, we’re in Beta and we’re ready to protect and serve with the most comprehensive set of free copyright management tools available.

Myows is more than an app, it’s a movement: forward-thinking global creatives who respect the originality and integrity of their work and expect others to do the same. It is our stated mission to reduce the incidence of online copyright theft by 20% by 2020.

We’re going to do it but we need your backing… starting today.

Sign up already!

If you haven’t set up an account on Myows, here are three really good reasons why you should:

1) Prevention is better than cure

myows makes it extraordinarily easy (and free) to protect your original works (OWs) as you create them, providing evidence of your copyright as you work: prevention is better than cure.

upload a file to myows for copyright protection

The upload process is super simple – you’re just a few clicks away from creating the copyright evidence you need! Get your myows account

2) A true one stop shop.

It’s also the world’s only total copyright management solution that we know of, allowing you to keep track of your copyrights, assign licenses, deter theft and pursue perps – all from a single (and sexy) platform.

copyright infringement case view

In addition to assigning rights, attaching supporting documents and providing easy access to sound legal advice and templates, myows also helps you deal with infringements step by step, in a legally compliant way, for free. The software will even build a reliable case history for you as you progress.

3) Safety in numbers

You get to tap into a global network of talented creatives who have got your back wherever you are: .

copyright protected picture with banner

Warn would-be perps that you’re part of Myows, you’ve registered and protected your work and that you’ll take action if your work is copied without your permission.

Expect this

The Myows blog is here to educate and enlighten myows users and cunning creatives the world over.

We’re here to know everything there is to know about our rights and how to protect our work without incurring massive legal bills or looking like a monkey.

We’ll also expose the odd content thief and style pirate and keep you updated on what’s happening in the riveting world of copyrights and intellectual property (someone’s got to do it).

Want to fully familiarise yourself with the free Myows app? Take a few minutes out of your day, turn on the left side of your mind and explore for a cool video intro, tuts, Q & As and a basic overview of what we’ve put together for you.