The Oatmeal soars higher than Funnyjunkoatmeal funnyjunk legal letter

We love TheOatmeal and last year we covered the FunnyJunk VS Oatmeal copyright infringement case. It just got better with Funnyjunk hiring a lawyer and threatening to sue one of our Internet Heroes for defending his copyright!

Below is a sample of the legal threats’ letter, along with Mr Inman’s (theOatmeal’s creator) in-your-face public comments:

funnyjunk legal letter to the Oatmeal

Click here to read the full legal letter by Charles Carreon (attorney at law), on the Oatmeal’s blog, asking Mr Inman for 20 000$, and share this with everybody you know. Idiots and bullies need to be exposed and it’s not often that a copyright holder has such a sharp sense of humor when receiving empty legal threats.

Go Oatmeal! We at Myows are 100% behind you and wish to put an end not only to shameless online copyright infringement, but to this kind of uberdubious lawyer attitude.

Matthew Inman, if you’re reading this, we have a nifty solution to help you protect your Intellectual Property:

Why don’t you Sign up for a free Myows account, then register your Oatmeal’s RSS feed. That should take about 90 seconds. Myows will then help you track copies of your work online and assist in sending Cease and Desist letters to copyright thieves so you needn’t waste your time. If the pirates don’t oblige, we’ll close them down. You can then focus on creating more awesome comics for millions to enjoy while we make sure junk sites don’t go stealing your work.

Like I wrote recently in Copyright Protection for Those Who Didn’t Attend Law School,
“I’m aware that Copyright is a heated issue and only a hypocrite would claim never to have infringed on someone else’s IP. Yet as online professionals we live in an ecosystem and lawlessness is no way to interact with other members of the community. May it be in the real world or the information highway, rules are in place to ensure everyone’s right to own property, pursue happiness and the mighty dollar bill. Those individuals who blatantly ignore these rules cause damage to the whole, and if you are passive about Copyright, by the time it affects your business it’s already too late.”

Shame on you FunnyJunk and Charles Carreon, you are not shaping the respectful internet I want to see and work in.

How would you react if you were Matthew Inman and received this kind of ridiculous legal letter from FunnyJunk’s attorney at Law?

Should copyright perpetrators be allowed to monetize other people’s work without the original creator’s consent? And if bust for blatant copyright infringement, should perps be apologetic, or resort to bully tactics and legal threats?