Working Together to Cultivate Copyright Consciousness

The Copyright Desert

Copyright Protection OasisNearly 2 years ago, Chris and I started thinking about how we could, as creatives, efficiently manage our Copyright. The landscape was empty and dry – think the Kalahari on a hot summers day.

And so, inadvertently, we started gardening: irrigating and sowing. We were growing copyrights. Truth be told, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, or the amazing opportunities that would come out of it all – but we knew we needed such a service and that kept us going.

After 16 months of countless late-night meetings, pre-sunrise Skype convesations with Dave in Singapore and Sundays spent researching and brainstorming (we all run very busy agencies during the week) – Myows launched in early November 2009. We did all this for you as much as for protecting our own agencies’ IP and in many ways, Myows is a community-focused solution to solving a global piracy problem.

The Communal Oasis

I’m no hippie, but I like to think of Myows as a kind of community-maintained Copyright Oasis – a garden of potential, if you’ll indulge me. As with all fledgling gardens, the soil is good and the conditions are optimal for growth! There are few young trees and some flower beds, but lots of room for planting new seeds and bringing more life into the picture – and we need you, our users, to nurture it and make it grow into something amazing that belongs to all of us. Think of it as cultivating a copyright culture, copyright consciousness!

Planting Seeds, Growing Gardens

There are various ways you can contribute to improving the Copyright Community Garden:

1- invite your friends to the Party
Myows is community-focused and we take pride in attracting talented and savvy creative professionals who value the importance of their work. Our community is a supportive one and we’d love to count your creative friends amongst it’s ranks. Also, by recommending they visit Myows, you are doing your friends a favor. It’s free, easy to use and helpful in the face of copyright infringement. After giving the link, tell them they must pay for the beer next time you see them. And remember: safety in numbers, the bigger our garden the harder it’ll be to ignore!

2- Plant a seed with our API

We’ve released our very comprehensive API along with a fun API contest where you can win an iPad or 1000$.

We’ve worked hard on it, even submitting a tutorial to Nettuts detailing how to create an App using our API.

If you are code wrangler, this is a perfect opportunity to plant your seed in our garden and watch it grow. That’s what we’re after, for our community to plant a handful of seeds, no need for full-grown trees if you see what I mean. That way, you can experience the thrill of watching your seed grow and be shaped by the other members’ feedback, and who knows, you could be the next Lauren Brichter, or at the very least carry huge respect from all of us.

3- Proudly Promote the Fruits of our Work

a – If you run a blog, write a small review describing what you like about Myows, and maybe slip in some suggestions for improvement. We’re listening. Last Month, Ben Ellis wrote an awesome review of Myows on his blog. Thanks Ben!

b – If you have a portfolio site, tell your visitors proudly that you’re part of Myows, it will make you look professional and warn would-be thieves that they shouldn’t mess around with your work. We’ve prepared various sized banners available here or you can make your own by using our Design Kit. Again, feel free to share your creations with the rest of the community, it’s all in good spirit. For example, Nicholas Lee placed our Myows deterrent banner in the footer of his Portfolio Website. Thanks Nikky!

c – If you place your work on 3rd Party site, such as Logopond, DeviantArt, CarbonMade or Themeforest, remember to place a Myows deterrent banner, as statiscally, the sheer size of the traffic that sees your work on these respected websites is sure to have a few malicious elements. DeviantArt Photographer Jusuart protects his work with Myows and makes sure others know. Thank you Juha!

d – For any kind of website, do like the very popular Animhut who has beautifully integrated the recommended Myows banner in their sidebar. Thank you Sri Ganesh.

So what do you plan to do to cultivate our Oasis?