We received a heart-warming letter from Australian web designer Rob Jennings yesterday, and, with his consent, decided to publish it.


Hi Guys

I am just writing to extend my thanks for mentioning my website on your blog
last week. You really have an amazing product and I can’t mention it enough.

I live in an old gold rush town In Victoria that is inhabited by a great
menagerie of artists, writers, sculptures with a sprinkling of hangers on.
Most of my mentioning of Myows has been word of mouth and the reaction from
such a diverse range of people has been exceptionally solid.

I work out of a community art space mainly doing web design and marketing;
though I help out with all manner of things. I have even been known to get
daydreaming clients to do a budget in Excel so they actually know how much
they need to earn to quit their jobs and pursue their dream!

I made mention again of myOws on a blog topic yesterday on What is Cloud

It’s not often I come across such a nicely thought out and designed piece of
software that my grandma could use.

If you need any help anywhere along the way yell out and I’ll see what I can

Thanks again.

Rob Jennings