Unbelievable case today, and shocking response from the copyright perpetrators, Curebit, a startup that recently received 1.2M$ in funding and couldn’t be bothered to pay the few thousand dollars it would cost to design and code their own landing page. Poor form Curebit.

Angered by the blatant design and code copyright infringement, David Heinemeier Hansson, the director of 37signals and creator of the the popular Ruby on Rails framework called the Curebit team “fucking scumbags” for serving content straight off the Highrise (one of 37signals’ products) servers.

For the full story, including code comparison evidence, the heated Twitter exchange between the two startups and Curebit’s douchebag response when caught, head over to Venturebeat’s indepth article covering Curebit’s low morals when it comes to copyright.