With close to 50 000 Twitter followers, Jacob Cass is a celebrity in the design world. He runs the popular logo award site Logo of The Day and publishes regular great articles on his website, JustCreativeDesign.

Many freelance designers worldwide aspire to be him; some taking it too literally as this Tweet may attest.

So today we have a case of a brand identity specialist who’s own identity is being used by an unscrupulous thief in hope of getting work from Freelancer.com – imagine the disappointment on the client’s face should he fall for it?

Thankfully, as a design professional, JustCreative seems to be proactive about it.

This obviously reaches further than just copyright infringement, as Jacob’s moral rights are also being infringed, as well as a legally enforceable case of identity theft. (You can read the excellent post by our resident lawyer Steve Ferguson Copyright and Your Moral Rights – What to do if someone claims your work in their portfolio).

I’ve stated before that with great talent comes great responsibility (to defend your intellectual property), and top designers have to deal with copyright infringement on an all-too-often basis. Just ask @Vonster how he feels about it!

Copyright infringement does not only strike you once. Make it clear you won’t let perps get away with it

As a follower of @justcreative on Twitter, I took a screenshot back in August of another case of someone using Jacob’s work in their portfolio (assumably in order to get agency employment)

While stealing is never OK, don’t you reckon it’s particularly pathetic when people steal from within their own community (read the post about MWEB stealing Numericable’s campaign I published recently).

Remember Myows is there to help you protect your copyright.

We’ve humorously covered various copyright infringement scenarios in our KopyKat Files – here are two examples to lighten up the mood:

Before Myows, dealing with Copyright Infringement was a pain, and to quote a recent article from HitJerker Songwriting:

“My favorite site for this kind of copyright protection is Myows. You can register your work electronically by uploading text, audio, etc. Then you can get unauthorized copies of your work removed from sites, send cease and desist letters, takedown notices and build cases against infringers.”

From Registering Copyright on the Internet

Have you ever had your work, or worse, your identity stolen? What are you doing to prevent this happening to you?