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Myows Review: Professional Photographer easily removes stolen images

On 08.07.14, in General, Reviews

photo-copyright-protectionI always start pitching investors by telling the story of how the Myows idea came to life: In 2008 I was working as a photographer and wanted to start my own imagebank with 20 000 lifestyle images I’d taken. I was already using Freshbooks for invoicing and BaseCamp for project management, yet I couldn’t find an online solution that would help me protect my copyright in an easy way, so I decided to create one to meet my needs: I called it Myows and with the help of 3 partners we launched to great acclaim in 2009.

Does Myows work to protect copyright?

The answer is yes, and please take a minute to read this testimonial from a Myows user, a Professional Nature Photographer that successfully got infringing images removed from Corbis and other websites by using our solution:


Testimonial from Marcus Armani of Armani Nature Photography:

I would like to thank the staff at, I have had several Images stolen from my personal website and posted on various photography sites , for sale, for wallpaper, for display claiming they were the photographer and copyright holder.

I did not know what to do and at a point it seemed hopeless. I then came across the MYows website, A site in which I have never seen before so I thought I would try it out. what they do is amazing and so very easy, you only need to upload your original image to the site, From then on your work is safe!

I had my first copyright case against Corbis images , they had one of my photos on their site for sale, I went to MYows website where I only had to click on the photo in question open a case and click send a Cease and Desist order which was pre made from the information I entered when uploading the photo, within 48 hours I received an email from Corbis Images a company who previously had ignored my emails phone calls etc.. This email stated that they would remove my photo and in a few hours it was off their site! (more…)

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Myows Review: the best step you can take for protecting your copyrights

On 06.02.11, in Myows Buzz, Reviews

We love hearing about our users and the peace of mind Myows provides. Today I want to share a nifty and unbiased review of our copyright protection app by software developer Ryan Sadwick.

The review is called Protect Your Copyrights with Myows
Using Myows is the best step you can take for protecting your copyrights.

We are over the moon to read such great feedback. Thank you Ryan – you make it all worth it! (more…)

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POPULAR SCIENCE Recommends You Protect Your Work with Myows

On 04.15.10, in In the News, Myows Buzz, Reviews

Myows on Popular Science

In their April Issue, Popular Science published an article about “writing your masterpiece” and recommends you protect your copyright with Myows. I quote: “Once you write it, copyright it. is a third party verifier that helps you defend against plagiarism. (…) if someone tries to rip it off (nb: your masterpiece), you’ve got airtight evidence that you’ve penned it first.”

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How Amber Tackled Copyright Theft

On 04.13.10, in Exposed, Myows Buzz, Reviews

Students That Freelance

Amber Leigh Turner is a freelance web designer who recently launched a community website aptly called Students That Freelance.

In yesterday’s article, Amber relates how she discovered through Statcounter that someone was using her work without her permission. She subsequently used Myows to have the copy removed and even received a letter of apology.

Are you wondering how that is possible? Then read her very well written article Why No One is Invincible from Copyright Infringement on


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How You Protect Your Work

On 04.12.10, in Myows Buzz, Reviews

We really enjoy getting feedback from the community and it is always with great interest that we read articles detailing how people are using Myows to protect their copyright.

The early reviews we received from Web Appstorm, Freelanceswitch and others were hugely insightful and encouraging, but we also want to know and share how independent creatives interact with our interface.

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