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Copyright basics for graphic designers – Part 1

On 12.23.09, in Legal, Resources


If you are a designer, your bread and butter is your creative work. Unfortunately, the internet and other digital technologies have made it easier for copycats to steal your work or pass it off as their own. The law of copyright is there to protect you. But if you don’t know how copyright works or how you can use it to protect your work, it is pretty useless.

In this series of articles, we hope to arm you with some working knowledge on copyright and how you can use it to protect your creative work.

What is copyright?

Without getting into the legalese, copyright is basically the right to stop other people from copying, publishing or adapting your creative work without your permission.

Looking at from the opposite angle, the owner of the copyright in an original work has the exclusive right to copy it, publish it, display it, distribute it, or make new works from it.


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We are all creative people living in a creative world

On 12.08.09, in General, Resources

Many many CreativesAnyone know how many creative people there are out there? Current estimates put it at around 6,692,030,277


Yup! That’s a massive figure right? How did I come up with that one? Given a simple assumption: everybody on the planet is creative.


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OWs defined: Myows’ definition of Original Work

On 11.24.09, in General, Resources

SuborbitalSo Myows is all about protecting and managing… well Your OWs.

But what exactly is an OW?

The official version that you’ll find on the Myows site is: “Anything you create that is not a copy of something else and has been ‘reduced to material form’ (meaning it’s not just an idea).”


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The dangers of selling your work online

On 11.18.09, in Legal, Resources

Traditionally, creative types have been compelled to offer their work to the end-user via wealthy gatekeepers who have had access to the capital needed to exploit the work. In doing so, they have signed over most of their rights to the middlemen in return for a small percentage of the royalties earned from the sale or exploitation of their work.

With the advent of the internet, a new platform has developed for creatives to offer their work to the market without having to go through the gatekeepers. However, there is a downside: this new platform is also a breeding ground for copyright infringement.


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Legal Protection has never been this easy

On 11.15.09, in Legal, Resources

Consulting with expensive lawyers has never been high up on any creative’s agenda. Indeed, when their work is stolen or copied, creatives have traditionally done nothing for two simple reaons: firstly because its more hassle to seek legal help than it is not to and, secondly, because many creatives don’t actually know what their rights are.

In the world of digitization, file sharing and online publication however, the widespread copying of creative work has become a big issue, and one that can sometimes cost creatives their livelihood. Creatives need to be proactive about their rights in order to protect their work from unscrupulous idea pirates.


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