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FunnyJunk’s ridiculous threats to theOatmeal

On 06.11.12, in Exposed, General, In the News

The Oatmeal soars higher than Funnyjunkoatmeal funnyjunk legal letter

We love TheOatmeal and last year we covered the FunnyJunk VS Oatmeal copyright infringement case. It just got better with Funnyjunk hiring a lawyer and threatening to sue one of our Internet Heroes for defending his copyright! (more…)

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Online Copyright Protection Basics for Digital Creatives & Busy Startup Owners

On 02.06.12, in General, In the News

Today I wrote a guest post about the basics of copyright for Wixel’s blog readers. Wixel is the company behind the awesome Boxrockit, a platform that allows you to sell your digital goods in the most simple way.

The article is called Copyright Protection for Those Who Didn’t Attend Law School and is geared towards busy digital creatives and startup owners. In it I cover some copyright basics in what I hope to be layman’s terms: (more…)

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Copyright Infringement Case of the Day: MWEB’s ad takes from Numericable

On 01.25.12, in Exposed, In the News

I’m going to expose the biggest cases of copyright infringement I find online on a more regular basis. Why? Because it angers me that some people think it’s OK to steal other members’ of their own community’s work, only to claim it as their own.

So today, let’s have a look at how MWEB (South-Africa) blatantly stole Numericable’s (France) ad. (more…)

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Myows on The Next Web

On 09.09.11, in General, In the News, Myows Buzz

The Next Web published today 5 ways to Protect Your Work Online and says “Myows is by far one of the most elaborate services available to protect your copyright online for free.” (more…)

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The Worst Copyright Infringement Scandal to ever hit the DeviantArt community

On 08.25.11, in Exposed, General, In the News

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the past six years of running Plagiarism Today, it’s that deviantArt is one of the most dedicated and united communities when it comes to fighting plagiarism. Few communities have shown the heart and the unity on this issue and none that I’ve seen have been as quick to rally to stop art theft.

Whether it’s the formation of anti-plagiarism groups, of which there are now several, dealing with uncooperative hosts, or tackling commercial infringement of the community’s work, deviantArt has always been there.

However, of all the cases I’ve tracked and even worked with the dA community, the most recent scandal, the Art4Love case, is perhaps the best example of it. deviantArt is a site that does not tolerate artistic plagiarism and is at war with the site’s former owner and artist, Chad Love Lieberman

The story, however, is a bizarre one and a case of an investigation that is still struggling to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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Educational Supplement in the Cape Argus – Copyright Protected by Myows (picture)

On 07.27.11, in General, In the News, Myows Buzz

With a readership of close to half a million, the Cape Argus is Cape Town’s leading late edition daily newspaper and we were overjoyed to discover that their “Matric Matters” supplement has its copyright protected with Myows!

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Copyright Protection for Freelancers: 2 recent articles

On 06.08.11, in General, In the News

The Copyright Culture is growing

Copyright and how it applies to freelancers worldwide is a hot topic. Last week 2 in-depth and hugely informative posts hit the blogosphere and we wanted to share them with you. (more…)

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Myows, one of the most useful apps for Freelancers

On 12.22.10, in General, In the News, Myows Buzz

Everyone involved with Myows received an early Christmas gift when our copyright management app was featured alongside DropBox, Basecamp or Google Docs as one of the most useful websites for Freelancers on the very respected (more…)

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Dear-Google (.com)

On 07.08.10, in In the News

Dear Google

We’ve launched our first community open letter at and we’d really like YOU to sign it. When it comes to addressing the big guys, there’s a fine line between ranting and sucking up. We hope we’ve trodden that line well, but we’ll leave that up to you to judge. Basically, we’re looking for new ways to create an online culture that’s  little more mindful of copyrights WITHOUT making it tougher to browse or use content. We figured this kind of dialogue may be a good place to start… Here are some excerpts:


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POPULAR SCIENCE Recommends You Protect Your Work with Myows

On 04.15.10, in In the News, Myows Buzz, Reviews

Myows on Popular Science

In their April Issue, Popular Science published an article about “writing your masterpiece” and recommends you protect your copyright with Myows. I quote: “Once you write it, copyright it. is a third party verifier that helps you defend against plagiarism. (…) if someone tries to rip it off (nb: your masterpiece), you’ve got airtight evidence that you’ve penned it first.”

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