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We are all creative people living in a creative world

On 12.08.09, in General, Resources

Many many CreativesAnyone know how many creative people there are out there? Current estimates put it at around 6,692,030,277


Yup! That’s a massive figure right? How did I come up with that one? Given a simple assumption: everybody on the planet is creative.


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Sneaky Myows Maneuvers

On 12.02.09, in General

sneak10I set myself the creative challenge of coming up with 10 ways to use Myows other than for its intended purpose.

Some are ridiculous, some are based on precedent but many I have just made up because I am feeling inspired.

If you have more suggestions or creative uses of Myows to share, just leave a comment.

Please remember that the real reason Myows is here is to protect and manage your copyrights.

If you really wanted, you could also:

1)   Get together with other Myows users and play the world’s most certifiable game of ching chong cha (rock, paper, scissors) by all uploading pics at the same time.


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OWs defined: Myows’ definition of Original Work

On 11.24.09, in General, Resources

SuborbitalSo Myows is all about protecting and managing… well Your OWs.

But what exactly is an OW?

The official version that you’ll find on the Myows site is: “Anything you create that is not a copy of something else and has been ‘reduced to material form’ (meaning it’s not just an idea).”


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Behind the scenes: the Myows logo

On 11.20.09, in General

The Myows logo and mascot have received a lot of attention and people are asking how we came up with them. So today, I’ll detail the process of how we went from brainstorming ideas to producing a critically acclaimed illustrative logo.


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Sleep better with Myows

On 11.15.09, in General

sleep better with copyright protection

Last year, my creative studio (Engage Brandcraft) was accused of stealing the intellectual property of a bigger, much more aggressive company who had in fact clearly stolen ours.

They threatened us with legal action if we didn’t ‘cease and desist’ with the flagrant use of our own original work (in this particular case, our name and logo – a very nasty allegation indeed). Trademark issues ensued – we were being accused of passing-off and copyright violations.

Goliath eventually gave in but not without a very expensive counter-threat from the lawyers on our side. Taking it to court would probably have cost in the region of approximately 50 000 USD. We came off lightly. Yet we’d done nothing wrong to start with! In time and money alone the exercise cost us well over 2000 USD. And let me assure you, we didn’t have that kind of money lying around. Similar predicaments face creators from all walks of life, daily, across the globe. Other “writers” steal our articles, companies turn our Youtube® uploads into ads, bullies copy our logos and then accuse us of being the perpetrators.


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Safe as house – a meeting with the Myows founders

On 11.15.09, in General, Myows Buzz

Max Guedy and Chris Human

As they sip cups of fresh, strong coffee in their small Cape Town office, Max Guedy and Chris Human chat animatedly about how their business plan took shape. Like many a good idea, (MYOWS as in: MY Original Works) – which provides members with hard evidence of their copyright – was born more out of necessity than from a strategically researched market gap.


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So this is Myows

On 11.09.09, in Announcement, General, Myows Buzz

Here we are (somewhere between Singapore, Paris and Cape Town) and this is it – the very first myows blog post!

We are live, we’re in Beta and we’re ready to protect and serve with the most comprehensive set of free copyright management tools available.

Myows is more than an app, it’s a movement: forward-thinking global creatives who respect the originality and integrity of their work and expect others to do the same. It is our stated mission to reduce the incidence of online copyright theft by 20% by 2020.

We’re going to do it but we need your backing… starting today.


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