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NewTwitter Screenshots of the Myows Account

On 09.15.10, in General

The Myows Twitter account was granted early access to the new Twitter interface and it’s rather yummy.


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Owit Allows Copyright Protection from within WordPress & got Wim his iPad

On 07.28.10, in General


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The story of Engage Brandcraft vs Ngage

On 06.08.10, in General

FightI’ve been asked to divulge the details behind the mysterious case that led to my involvement in the Myows project in the first place. The whole matter was fairly convoluted and I’m not entirely sure that the other party is to blame although a lot of other people seem pretty convinced. But here’s the story – make of it what you will. Just bear in mind that this is my opinion only!

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Copyright Culture

On 05.05.10, in General

Working Together to Cultivate Copyright Consciousness

The Copyright Desert

Copyright Protection OasisNearly 2 years ago, Chris and I started thinking about how we could, as creatives, efficiently manage our Copyright. The landscape was empty and dry – think the Kalahari on a hot summers day.

And so, inadvertently, we started gardening: irrigating and sowing. We were growing copyrights. Truth be told, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, or the amazing opportunities that would come out of it all – but we knew we needed such a service and that kept us going.

After 16 months of countless late-night meetings, pre-sunrise Skype convesations with Dave in Singapore and Sundays spent researching and brainstorming (we all run very busy agencies during the week) – Myows launched in early November 2009. We did all this for you as much as for protecting our own agencies’ IP and in many ways, Myows is a community-focused solution to solving a global piracy problem.

The Communal Oasis

I’m no hippie, but I like to think of Myows as a kind of community-maintained Copyright Oasis – a garden of potential, if you’ll indulge me. As with all fledgling gardens, the soil is good and the conditions are optimal for growth! There are few young trees and some flower beds, but lots of room for planting new seeds and bringing more life into the picture – and we need you, our users, to nurture it and make it grow into something amazing that belongs to all of us. Think of it as cultivating a copyright culture, copyright consciousness!


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Crystallizing Your Creative Business – Part 2

On 05.03.10, in General, Tips

How you should do it

As pointed out in part 1 of this article, crystallizing your creative business basically involves gathering, mapping out and securing the intellectual property that makes your business unique and valuable. (You may want to read that again).

We do this continuously at Engage Brandcraft – it’s a ongoing work in progress. I think it would need to be in any creative business unless that business has been going for 40 years and the secret recipe hasn’t changed in all that time (as in: not even a new billing system has been added to the mix).

To be sure, there’s no hard and fast way of doing this – the more unique your approach, the more unique your outcomes. I’m only giving you a big picture starting point.

In a nutshell, our cycle consists of three distinct stages but I don’t think that matters either, as long as your end goal is to give structure to the methodologies, approaches and supporting collateral that make your work different and brilliant. Any ideas or input into this would truly be welcome by the way as we intend to continue revisiting this periodically as our business grows and focuses.


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How Can I Protect my Business Ideas?

On 05.02.10, in General, Tips

protect your ideas

Here are a number of simple actions that will help you take ownership of your creative business ideas before you divulge them. The more proactive you are, the better protected you’ll be.

This article is the response to a recent question prompted by my last article: Crystallizing Your Creative Business (Part 1).


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Crystallizing Your Creative Business – Part 1

On 04.29.10, in General, Tips


Crystallizing (ie setting, documenting and protecting) your Intellectual Property is a worthwhile process with a very worthwhile result. It forces us creative types to take a moment and look at what makes our creative businesses unique and valuable (as distinct from ourselves as the creators within the business). Most of us are just getting used to protecting the IP in our OWS – our creations. A big and brilliant step. But what about the IP that’s sitting there in the creating, the creator, your business?

I was recently given the arduous task of gathering, mapping out and securing the intellectual property of our fledging agency, Engage Brandcraft. Yawn? Not so much. In fact, if you run a small creative agency or are building your profile as a freelancer, you may enjoy this.


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Twitter 3rd-party devs, follow us

On 04.15.10, in General, In the News


The web is currently buzzing about Twitter’s acquisition of Tweetie and this move is having unexpected consequences for the Twitterverse: dozens of businesses who were built on top of the Twitter API will now have to live in Tweetie’s shadow (renamed Twitter for iPhone) and choose between closing down or finding new avenues to explore.

So what does this have to do with Myows?

By everybody’s opinion, there are too many Twitter apps. But we have a solution for the global programmers’ community: Follow Myows

I’m not talking about following us on Twitter ( @Myows ). No. I’m talking about following us in our fight to curb down copyright infringement and help creatives worldwide help themselves.


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The Small Matter of Creative Zeitgeist

On 01.18.10, in General

ZeitgeistI was recently on one of my more vociferous tirades… something to do with prolific creative theft, copying and piracy… about the flagrant disregard for the rights of fellow creatives (and their livelihoods). How can everyone be so dishonest and selfish? As always, reason found me eventually and calm returned. This time it came in the form of a lawyer friend… She rightly pointed out that in many (if not most) cases involving copyrights there is no clear antagonist, no obvious victim. Put simply: both parties often feel that they are in the right.


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Video: protect your copyright in under a minute

On 12.20.09, in General

Today I will demonstrate how quick and painless it is to use Myows to protect the copyright on a design.

For the 1 minute demonstration, I’m using a flyer I designed today, but it could as well be a logo, picture, or any kind of file.

The simple act of uploading my design guarantees that I have irrefutable proof of my date of possession in case an unscrupulous designer copies my work, then claims it as his own.

I could also upload sketches and source files as supporting documents, but that will be for another video!


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