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How Amber Tackled Copyright Theft

On 04.13.10, in Exposed, Myows Buzz, Reviews

Students That Freelance

Amber Leigh Turner is a freelance web designer who recently launched a community website aptly called Students That Freelance.

In yesterday’s article, Amber relates how she discovered through Statcounter that someone was using her work without her permission. She subsequently used Myows to have the copy removed and even received a letter of apology.

Are you wondering how that is possible? Then read her very well written article Why No One is Invincible from Copyright Infringement on


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Rip-Off Express

On 11.22.09, in Exposed

Visit the panic rip-off page

Yesterday I showcased Tim van Damme’s Wall of Shame, a rather fun way to treat copyright thieves.

Today I’ll present a similar approach, from Panic, the software makers who bring us Coda, Transmit and other Mac apps that have become part of our every day life.


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The wall of shame

On 11.21.09, in Exposed


Tim van Damme is famous for bringing the simple landing page back in fashion.

As with all things awesome, his website has been copied numerous times by lazy design thieves. Obviously, Tim doesn’t approve.

So to tackle the bull by the horns, and have fun in the process, Tim decided to list perpetrators’ sites on the WALL OF SHAME.

Good for him, I personally think it’s a great initiative for any non-commercial site. But I wonder if he’s tried contacting the sites’ owners with a Cease and Desist letter?

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