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FunnyJunk’s ridiculous threats to theOatmeal

On 06.11.12, in Exposed, General, In the News

The Oatmeal soars higher than Funnyjunkoatmeal funnyjunk legal letter

We love TheOatmeal and last year we covered the FunnyJunk VS Oatmeal copyright infringement case. It just got better with Funnyjunk hiring a lawyer and threatening to sue one of our Internet Heroes for defending his copyright! (more…)

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Blogger’s copyright gets infringed by Newspaper. Gets 500$ on the spot (video)

On 05.18.12, in Exposed

PlagiarismToday has always been a goldmine of information for us at Myows and many of our features, such as the step-by-step dispute resolution mechanism, were inspired by his expertise in online copyright infringement.

In today’s post on PlagiarismToday, Jonathan Bailey analyses a recent copyright case that was filmed and went viral. Watch this fascinating video:


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Copyright Infringement Case of the Day: SkyNews ignores licensing restrictions from the public

On 02.01.12, in Exposed, General

Back in 2009, while we were working on building Myows Online Copyright App, I remember reading about Sky News using a Twitpic picture by Joe Neale without permission or licensing and the debate that followed.

In Today’s case, the perpetrator is again SkyNews, this time using a 1 minute Youtube video without seeking permission and then using legalese bullying techniques to reach an ersatz settlement. (more…)

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Copyright Infringement Case of the Day: Curebit Steals Design and Code from 37signals

On 01.31.12, in Exposed, General

Unbelievable case today, and shocking response from the copyright perpetrators, Curebit, a startup that recently received 1.2M$ in funding and couldn’t be bothered to pay the few thousand dollars it would cost to design and code their own landing page. Poor form Curebit. (more…)

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Copyright Infringement Case of Day: Would the Real Creative Please Stand Up

On 01.27.12, in Exposed, General

With close to 50 000 Twitter followers, Jacob Cass is a celebrity in the design world. He runs the popular logo award site Logo of The Day and publishes regular great articles on his website, JustCreativeDesign.

Many freelance designers worldwide aspire to be him; some taking it too literally as this Tweet may attest.

So today we have a case of a brand identity specialist who’s own identity is being used by an unscrupulous thief in hope of getting work from – imagine the disappointment on the client’s face should he fall for it?

Thankfully, as a design professional, JustCreative seems to be proactive about it. (more…)

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Copyright Infringement Case of the Day: MWEB’s ad takes from Numericable

On 01.25.12, in Exposed, In the News

I’m going to expose the biggest cases of copyright infringement I find online on a more regular basis. Why? Because it angers me that some people think it’s OK to steal other members’ of their own community’s work, only to claim it as their own.

So today, let’s have a look at how MWEB (South-Africa) blatantly stole Numericable’s (France) ad. (more…)

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With Great Artistic Talent Comes Great Responsibility (To defend your Intellectual Property)

On 09.01.11, in Exposed, General


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The Worst Copyright Infringement Scandal to ever hit the DeviantArt community

On 08.25.11, in Exposed, General, In the News

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the past six years of running Plagiarism Today, it’s that deviantArt is one of the most dedicated and united communities when it comes to fighting plagiarism. Few communities have shown the heart and the unity on this issue and none that I’ve seen have been as quick to rally to stop art theft.

Whether it’s the formation of anti-plagiarism groups, of which there are now several, dealing with uncooperative hosts, or tackling commercial infringement of the community’s work, deviantArt has always been there.

However, of all the cases I’ve tracked and even worked with the dA community, the most recent scandal, the Art4Love case, is perhaps the best example of it. deviantArt is a site that does not tolerate artistic plagiarism and is at war with the site’s former owner and artist, Chad Love Lieberman

The story, however, is a bizarre one and a case of an investigation that is still struggling to discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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The Oatmeal VS FunnyJunk

On 05.29.11, in Exposed, General

A Typical and not so Funny Case of Online Copyright Infringement

UPDATE: A year after this post was published funnyjunk’s lawyer Charles Carreon threatened the Oatmeal

I’m a huge fan of the Oatmeal, an abrasive and hilarious comic-strip by Matthew Inman. In fact, he is probably my favorite person to follow on twitter or Facebook and brightens my timeline daily. Matthew is clearly too talented for his own good – producing Highly Original cartoons, and it is no surprise that, with very little deterrents, his work gets republished with no attribution on a plethora of dubious sites. One of which is called FunnyJunk and lives up to the latter part of the name.

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Waka Waka and how Shakira could borrow your song

On 08.01.10, in Exposed

Wikipedia claims that Shakira wrote the WAKA WAKA World Cup 2010 Song, and, well, that’s not entirely true and I have proof (watch the Youtube Video below to see what I mean):

Scroll down for Shakira’s “version”

Since both Agency Zebra (my Agency) and Engage Brandcraft (Chris’s) are a short walk away from the Cape Town stadium, we’ve heard this song ad nauseam and I was very surprised to notice that the original version was so similar to Shakira’s. Intrigued, I investigated and here’s what I found:


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