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A video review of myows

On 11.12.09, in Myows Buzz

Jonathan Bailey runs the popular blog Plagiarismtoday, where he discusses copyright matters and how to deal with infringement. His dedication to fighting online theft has always inspired the myows team.

When we announced 3 days ago that myows was live and in beta, he immediately signed up to see for himself what we offer.


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So this is Myows

On 11.09.09, in Announcement, General, Myows Buzz

Here we are (somewhere between Singapore, Paris and Cape Town) and this is it – the very first myows blog post!

We are live, we’re in Beta and we’re ready to protect and serve with the most comprehensive set of free copyright management tools available.

Myows is more than an app, it’s a movement: forward-thinking global creatives who respect the originality and integrity of their work and expect others to do the same. It is our stated mission to reduce the incidence of online copyright theft by 20% by 2020.

We’re going to do it but we need your backing… starting today.


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