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POPULAR SCIENCE Recommends You Protect Your Work with Myows

On 04.15.10, in In the News, Myows Buzz, Reviews

Myows on Popular Science

In their April Issue, Popular Science published an article about “writing your masterpiece” and recommends you protect your copyright with Myows. I quote: “Once you write it, copyright it. is a third party verifier that helps you defend against plagiarism. (…) if someone tries to rip it off (nb: your masterpiece), you’ve got airtight evidence that you’ve penned it first.”

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How Amber Tackled Copyright Theft

On 04.13.10, in Exposed, Myows Buzz, Reviews

Students That Freelance

Amber Leigh Turner is a freelance web designer who recently launched a community website aptly called Students That Freelance.

In yesterday’s article, Amber relates how she discovered through Statcounter that someone was using her work without her permission. She subsequently used Myows to have the copy removed and even received a letter of apology.

Are you wondering how that is possible? Then read her very well written article Why No One is Invincible from Copyright Infringement on


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How You Protect Your Work

On 04.12.10, in Myows Buzz, Reviews

We really enjoy getting feedback from the community and it is always with great interest that we read articles detailing how people are using Myows to protect their copyright.

The early reviews we received from Web Appstorm, Freelanceswitch and others were hugely insightful and encouraging, but we also want to know and share how independent creatives interact with our interface.

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Myows API Tutorial on Nettuts

On 04.11.10, in Myows Buzz, tech

view the video tutorial on how to create a Myows App

Here’s something to help you get started with the 4 STEP API CHALLENGE and bring you closer to tapping on your own iPad or spending 1000$ on whatever you desire.

Nettuts*, the most awesome online programming resource, published an extensive tutorial on how to create a Myows App.


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4 Steps API Challenge

On 04.09.10, in Announcement, Myows Buzz

4 step Api challenge

Take fuss-free copyright management to the next level.

Get your hands dirty with Myows’ publicly available API, fresh from the desks of our globally-scattered development team. This brings us one step closer to our platform-vision: helping the planet’s switched-on creative community help themselves. We’re looking for Myows members to help us add further functionality to the existing app at The brief is straightforward:

1- Use the new Myows API to develop a plug-in, add-on or stand alone application that assists other Myows members in registering, protecting and/or managing their rights

2- Develop this solution in a way that allow users to access key functionality in 4 steps or less

3- Implement your code and design with integrity, simplicity and elegance


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Appstorm reviews Myows

On 01.05.10, in Myows Buzz

Instant Copyright Protection with Myows

2010 starts with a BANG! We got a great review and a grand 9 out of 10 rating from the very respectable and Envato-owned AppStorm.

As usual, there’s little point in us telling you how easy Myows is to use, and how useful the act of uploading your work is, instead we’d rather you go read the review and hear how others interact with the app.


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Myows is Site of the Day!

On 12.10.09, in In the News, Myows Buzz

Top Site Tally features the best websites on the net and surprised us this morning by picking as Site of the Day for the 9th December 2009.

We’re very happy about receiving this award. The competition was fierce; but in the end our copyright protection app won!

visit Top Site Tally


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Little Box of Ideas reviews Myows

On 11.27.09, in Myows Buzz

Little Box of Ideas

Sneh Roy is a web designer and the creative force behind the popular blog Little Box of Ideas.

Today, she describes her experience with Myows in the article entitled:
Universal Copyright And Protection Of Creative Work With Myows.

To mark the first review of Myows to be published on a designer’s blog, we are also running a give-away competition where you can win 50 Myows 1GB Accounts.

The LBOI website is truly original and gorgeous, so go check it out, I’m sure you will find something inspiring.

If you run a blog and want to publish a review of Myows, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Friskdesign interviews Max Guedy

On 11.15.09, in Myows Buzz

friskdesign interview with Max Guedy

A few months ago, web designer Matt Hill from Friskdesign interviewed me to find out more about Myows, and how I planned to create the first copyright management app.

Read the full interview on the friskdesign blog, as I believe it provides a valuable insight into how Myows was born.

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Safe as house – a meeting with the Myows founders

On 11.15.09, in General, Myows Buzz

Max Guedy and Chris Human

As they sip cups of fresh, strong coffee in their small Cape Town office, Max Guedy and Chris Human chat animatedly about how their business plan took shape. Like many a good idea, (MYOWS as in: MY Original Works) – which provides members with hard evidence of their copyright – was born more out of necessity than from a strategically researched market gap.


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