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Introducing the Myows iOs App : The easiest way to protect your copyright

On 04.07.18, in Announcement, General


After 4 months of work, we are proud to present the first Myows iOs app.

The Myows iOs app is free, and makes it easy to send pictures from your Camera Roll to your Myows account.

Add a title and description, apply a license, choose if you want your shot to appear on your Myows photographer website and even set a price to sell your images!

Start managing your copyright with Myows’ iOs app, it’s free for up to 100 files uploaded.


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Your favorite Copyright App’s Security is up to date

On 04.17.14, in Announcement

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of a nasty bug in Secure connections (SSL) called Heartbleed. This is no laughing matter and today we wish to reassure our users that their files and copyrights are safe with Myows.

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Share and Show Off the OWs that are copyright protected with Myows

On 06.11.12, in Announcement, General

The awesome team of developers at Myows has been hard at work to create new ways for you to register your copyright though RSS or simply create your own Intellectual Property Licenses with a Contract Generator.

As you know, the files you upload to Myows are securely stored inside your account, and no one but you or your clients can access them. But what if you want to show them off? Today we’re happy to announce a new function that allows you to share with your friends and social networks the works you upload to Myows in a very simple way, and you can even gather feedback that way thanks to Facebook commenting! (more…)

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How to protect your Etsy copyrights

On 05.31.12, in Announcement, General

We have many users on Etsy asking us what the best way is to protect their copyright. So today I thought I’d publish the answer for all to see. (more…)

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How to protect your blog’s copyright (and Flickr pix, and Dribbble shots, and Deviations…)

On 04.30.12, in Announcement

Since we launched Myows Copyright Protection Solutions, a lot of our users have asked about the best way to protect their blogs’ copyright.

The solution we came up with allows you to enter an RSS feed, and from then on all new additions to the feed will automatically be registered as OWs, straight into your Myows account. (more…)

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Create, Send, Sign and Store your Copyright Contracts and Licenses. Online. On Myows.

On 03.27.12, in Announcement

The Myows’ Contract Generator just went live and managing your copyrights just got even easier.

Here’s the inside scoop. From the beginning, the Myows team’s dream has been to help creative businesses and freelancers like ourselves give their intellectual property the respect it deserves. (more…)

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Testers needed for the Myows Cogen (Contract Generator)

On 01.16.12, in Announcement, General, Legal

We’ve been working on this feature for over 6 months – busting both legal and development challenges – and I can barely contain my excitement as we are nearing releasing the Myows Cogen to the world and offer you a way to generate, send and get approvals for copyright licenses relating to your work. (more…)

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Myows is giving away a Dribbble invite

On 09.09.11, in Announcement, General

If you’re a web designer, UI Master, illustrator or general pixel-wrangler, you already know about Dribbble, the exclusive basketball-themed designer club.

To get in with the big boys (and girls) you need an invite – and those are hard to get by. We have one to give away and we need to choose wisely. (more…)

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The Copyright-savvy community keeps on growing

On 08.04.11, in Announcement, General

July has been fantastic for your favorite online copyright solution and we are extremely thankful to witness a massive increase in Pro account subscriptions since our Coming of Age Announcement (+600%!).

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Myows Early Bird Offer – clarified

On 07.05.11, in Announcement

I’ve received a few questions from you regarding the Coming of Age Newsletter we sent out yesterday. I’ll make my answers public so you can all understand the Early Bird Offer we’ve devised.

Basically, in a couple of months, we’ll be adding great new features and changing our pricing structure for new signups- But we’ll take good care of those of you who’ve already been supporting us. (more…)

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