Proudly display a deterrent Myows banner on your website!

We offer a selection of different size banners for you to include on your website. You can right-click the banners to download them, or copy the html next to each banner, then paste it in your website for an easy embed.

You may also use the Myows Design Kit and design your own banners.

Recommended: Transparent footer image or email signature, as used on this site (250×30)

banner 250x30

Strong deterrent image (250×160)

banner 250x160

Strong deterrent image (125×125)

banner 125x125

Recommended footer image (125×95 transparent png)

banner 125x95

banner 125x95

Footer image (125×70 transparent png)

banner 125x70

Discreet Watermark or Footer Graphic (175×17)

banner 175x17

banner 175x17

banner 175x17