As you might know, we are running a Challenge to celebrate the launch of our API. We even published a tutorial on nettuts to help you get started.

The deadline for our challenge had been set at the end of the week.

There’s some pretty impressive apps in the making that will revolutionize the way most of us manage our copyrights ( and so far we have two amazing entries – ShirtSafe and Owit WP plugin – please give them a try ), but after contacting privately the participating developers, we have decided to allow you more time to submit your entry too. So everyone wins in the Myowsphere!

On Sunday, we will close the entries for “Round 1″ of the contest and you will get to vote for your favorite app.

If more than 3 apps have entered, and are in a working state, the contest will go ahead as originally planned.

If not, the winner of “Round 1″ will receive an iPad and we will start “Round 2″ of the challenge. The app which receives the most votes during “Round 2″ will also win an iPad, and the Grand Jury prize will consider all apps and our favorite will receive 1000$. Every participating developer will also be upgraded to our soon-to-be-launched Pro Accounts.

The deadline for “Round 2″ is set to the 15th June 2010, and voting will take place until the end of June. Participants of “Round 1″ will be entered into “Round 2″.

Code-wranglers, we’re counting on you, and our team is here to help.