A Revolution in Copyright Protection

The deadline for submissions has arrived and we are proud to present the five entries that will compete in our 4 Step Api Challenge. We’re very impressed by the look of things but let’s give these external apps and plugins a spin and start posting our feedback.

Drupal Module

A feature-rich integration of your Drupal content with Myows


This has been designed to leverage the Myows service for users of Printfection.com

Owit WordPress Plugin

A slick WordPress plugin to register your WP Media to Myows.


A fantastically easy way to register a website’s design with Myows- just enter the URL.

Myows for WordPress

Currently, you’ll notice that the ambitious “Myows for WordPress” isn’t quite finished – We at Myows take the blame as we’ve been extremely busy and still need to answer a few of the developer’s questions. In light of these special circumstances, I trust you’ll understand that we’ve allowed the plugin to be finalized in a few days, and that voting shall then begin.

Thank You

Thank you to the participating developers who are revolutionizing the ways in which we can protect our work – you will be upgraded to the soon-to-be-launched Pro Accounts and we look forwards to shipping 2 iPads and 1000$ prize – but more importantly, thank you for growing our Copyright Oasis, we are so grateful you chose to contribute your time, talent and expertise to our cause, and to have you in our community.