Yesterday I was pondering wether there had been Copyright Infringement or a case of Creative Zeitgeist surrounding a logo I recently designed.

If you are unsure what Zeitgeist means, I can tell you that it’s a German word – is not the name of a heavy-metal band – nor a type of lager, but rather a reason to explain how designers might come up with the same creative ideas at the same time.

I know this because Chris wrote The Small Matter of Creative Zeitgeist on our blog a few months ago.

A perfect example of CZ is Dennis the Menace. We all know the cartoon (or do we?) and Jonathan Bailey narrated last week the odd separation-at-birth Case of Dennis the Menace on

I wanted to share this with you because I really like the fact that the two cartoonists didn’t get into any legal battle and recognized that they was no intention of plagiarism from either party – and this adds some perspective to yesterday’s considerations.