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Myows® stands for "My Original Works".
Since 2010, Myows is one of the most useful Websites for Freelancers,
and the best app to manage your copyright.
( PetaPixel, TheNextWeb, Popular Science, Freelanceswitch,
Quora, Appstorm, CreativeBoom, and many reviews say so! )

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copyright protection"Our top pick for helping to protect your online copyright is Myows. Myows helps you to register your work, generate contracts and licenses, search for unauthorized usage, and build cases against those who infringe upon your product.
If you are looking for a fantastic all-in-one solution, then Myows is your cat of choice."
PetaPixel - June 2015

Myows is well loved by the creative community at large and has been featured, recommended or mentionned on all our favorite sites, including Nettuts, Freelanceswitch, AppStorm, Themeforest, The Next Web, Newgrounds, DeviantArt or Popular Science...

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Working with Myows from Jonathan Bailey on Vimeo.

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"Myows is by far one of the most elaborate services available to protect your copyright worked online for free."

Article on TheNextWeb: 5 Ways to Protect your Work Online on 09/09/11.
"Myows, one of the easiest ways to protect your intellectual property online, just got that much easier to use."
Article on TheNextWeb: Myows rolls out automated copyright protection for content on Flickr, Dribbble or any site with an RSS feed on 02/05/12.

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"In terms of web applications, Myows does a fantastic job of presenting a straight forward and sexy design that is very easy to use and implements the power of JavaScript where and when it’s needed. The overall user experience is pretty seamless and makes handling copyright actually somewhat pleasurable (which I thought was impossible)."

Review by appstorm: Instant Copyright Protection with Myows on 05/01/10.

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"Your files with be stamped and your copyright established with Myows by the assignment of a unique hash value as tamper proof evidence linking the file to the date of upload. Apparently, not even the team at Myows can alter the date of upload of your files. Should you need to dispute a copyright infringement you’ll be able to use this record along with take down notices supplied by the site."

Review by FreelanceSwitch: Protect Your Intellectual Property: Myows Review on 08/01/10.

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"I love the interface of the website. It is clean, crisp and blue. I love the flow of the information provided and how simple and effective everything is"

Review by LittleBoxOfIdeas: Universal Copyright And Protection Of Creative Work With MyOws on 27/11/09.

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"there is a lot to like about Myows, including the following:

1. User-Friendliness: Myows is probably the most user-friendly of the non-repudiation services I’ve used. If anything, it’s guilty of too much hand-holding. The next step is almost always very clear and, other than the use of “OWs” the terminology is always in plain language. There is no reason why users should be intimidated using this service.

2. Looks: Appearance isn’t everything, but there is no denying that Myows is extremely well-designed. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it keeps the interface clean and puts most of the information you need just a glance away.

3. Enforcement Assistance: Though Myows does most of the things we expect from a non-repudiation service, it also adds in help with copyright enforcement and does so in a way that someone with no previous experience in the matter should be able to handle most situations. The easiest way to summarize the benefit of Myows is that it broadens the definition of what a non-repudiation service can do and manages to get it all done with a maximum amount of speed and reliability while also having the minimum amount of fuss. "

Review by PlagiarismToday: Myows: Simple, Fast, Free Ownership Verificiation on 11/11/09.

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"How To Protect Your Work

I’ve tried a couple different apps and methods to protect my work, but my favorite so far has to be Myows. Myows, which stands for ‘My Original Works‘, is a copyright management and protection app that’s very easy to use and best of all, it’s free"

Recommended by Spyrestudios: Simple tips to prevent content theft on 15/12/09.

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Top Site Tally selected Myows as Site of the Day on 09/12/09.


Review of Myows in Italian by Jooforge: Myows semplicemente copyright on 25/01/10

Smelling Internet

Review: Protect your Content with Myows on 11/04/10


Review: Myows – Free Online Copyright Protection on 11/04/10

"Myows is a service that is free and open to all the creative people out there who need a security for their ideas and designs."
Review: MyOws, Keep your work YOUR WORK! on 14/03/2011

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