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Myows® stands for "My Original Works".
Since 2010, Myows is one of the most useful Websites for Freelancers,
and the best app to manage your copyright.
( PetaPixel, TheNextWeb, Popular Science, Freelanceswitch,
Quora, Appstorm, CreativeBoom, and many reviews say so! )

Features and Pro Plans

Protect up to 100 files for free

Our Free plans are generous and awesome! You get to protect your copyright on up to 100 files and we give you your very own free photo website to showcase your work!

With a Pro plan, you can upload more files, sell your work and apply your own watermarks.

There's a very good reason why Petapixel recommends us!

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All accounts get 100 OWS for free.
After that, our Pro plans start at 9$/month for 1000 OWs.

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Enterprise Accounts

Big agencies, creative firms and libraries of various kinds have also been tapping into Myows' copyright protection powers for some time now and we're always happy to make special arrangements for bulk users, tailoring the service around your specific needs.

We can customise our Api to fit your copyright and licensing management needs or even dovetail with your existing systems.

Contact us to set up a meeting around your specific needs and requirements.

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Register your OW with Myows

As soon as you upload an Original work on Myows, a copy of that work is time- and date-stamped and saved on our secure servers.

Uploading your work on Myows provides you with valuable evidence as well as an effective deterence measure designed to prevent theft.

Generate reliable evidence while you work

Instantly generate authentification certificates

Attach supporting documents and contracts

Tag your work for easy search and reference

100% SSL secure (and your files will remain private).

Manage + Protect your rights

In addition to helping you create proof that you are the author of your Original Work, Myows will also help you pursue offenders and implement effective deterrence measues.

Manage your rights with contracts and licenses

Step-by-step dispute resolution

Send cease and desist letters

Send DMCA takedown notices

Build and Manage your Copyright Cases

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Watch The Video Demos

Would like to see what you can do with Myows®?

Or perhaps follow detailed instructions about using the power of the only true copyright management app?

Just for you, we've prepared some screencasts and video tutorials

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9 Reasons to use Myows®

Need Convincing? We can think of hundreds of good reasons why creative folks should take better care of their intellectual property and related copyrights.

But we don't want to waste your time so here are the top nine...

Reasons to use Myows

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Myows® is for anyone who creates intellectual property that they want to manage and protect. You already own copyright in your original works – now all you need to do is defend it using Myows.

Plus Myows' core services are free for anyone storing up to 100 Original Works on their profile. 


Got a Question about Myows or Copyright in General?

The easiest way to get hold of us is through Twitter.
Just send your question to @Myows and get an answer directly from our founder Max or our IP lawyer Steve.
We'll try to answer you asap, but remember we're in the European timezone and we sometimes sleep at night.

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