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Myows® stands for "My Original Works".
Since 2010, Myows is one of the most useful Websites for Freelancers,
and the best app to manage your copyright.
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Frequently asked Questions

Who should use Myows?

Photographers, writers, designers, artists, journalists, bloggers – anybody who has created an original work and therefore has a copyright (owns intellectual property).

How do I copyright my work?

You automatically have copyrights in any original work you produce but the bonus is on you to prove that you are the creator (which is where Myows will help you).

Is Myows just for professionals?

No. Myows is for anyone who creates something original that they want to claim ownership of. You have copyright in your original works – you just need to protect it.

What is an Original Work?

Original works are anything you create that are not copies of something else and have been ‘reduced to material form’ (meaning they’re not just an idea). More about Original Work on the blog.

How does Myows help me to avoid expensive legal battles?

Uploading your work to myows provides you with evidence as well as a deterrence measure designed to prevent theft. The site will also assist you in contacting unauthorised users of your work and is able to provide verifiable third-party evidence on your behalf, at your request.

Exactly what kind of files can I upload to Myows?

Images (.jpg | .gif | .png | .bmp | .tif | etc.)
video ( .mov | .avi | etc.)
sound ( .mpg |. mp3 | etc.)
text ( .doc | plain text)
vector files ( .ai | .id | etc.)
html files
animations ( .fla | .swf )
… pretty much any kind of file you can think of!

How much does it cost to have a Myows account?

It’s free for most members (up to 100 Files)! For professional account holders (companies or individuals requiring more storage space or value-added extras) the costs are very low but vary on how much space you require. Take a look at the current package options for more information.

What storage capacity does Myows provide?

The free account limit is 100 OWS. If you're running out of space, why not consider upgrading to one of our pro accounts?

What if I don’t pay my Myows account?

Myows will warn you if your account has gone unpaid for any reason and will only suspend your account after a full month of non-payment. Accounts will only be downgraded upon after 3 months of dormancy on non-payment. In these cases of non payment, your most recent OWs above the 1 gig free account limit will be deleted, so please make sure that you remember to pay your account or sign up for a PayPal subscription to set your mind at ease.

What if I have special requirements, or I need a whole load of storage space?

We are very happy to consider alternative, customized solutions to accommodate your specialized requirements. You can contact Myows directly with a break down of exactly what it is you or your company needs.

Who can access my Myows account or view my work/information

Only you can (using your unique username and self-generated or system-generated password), unless you give someone else permission to see your files.

Where can I access my myows account from?

Anywhere in the world, as long as you are online.

What do I do if I find that someone has stolen my Original Work?

You open a case on myows which will then guide you through the necessary steps typically required to resolve the matter and any related disputes.

How secure are Myows’ servers?

Very secure. As an additional safety measure, all information is backed up on a second set of remote servers which are located in another part of the world.

How long will my files stay on Myows’ servers?

For as long as your account remains open and active (Free accounts must be accessed at least once every 2 months). Paid accounts must be settled on a monthly basis.

Is it really impossible for anybody to alter the date on an uploaded file?

Yes, not even the team at Myows can alter the date of upload of your files, The unique hash value internally assigned to each file provides additional tamper proof evidence linking the file to the date of upload.

Can Myows keep me informed of activity on my account?

Yes Myows will send you mails notifying you of your account activity if you elect to activate this feature (NB: this feature will soon be deployed). Remember though that you can simply log on at any time to view your most recent activity.

Will Myows warn me if somebody has copied my work or uploaded similar work?

Not yet. But we hope soon to be able to assist you in combing the net for unauthorized copies of your work.

For now, we’d definitely recommend trying out TinEye (for pics), Copyscape (for text) or Fairshare (for RSS feeds) to find your work online.

Can I modify files that I’ve already uploaded?

No, the files that you upload are non-modifiable. You can only delete them and, if necessary, replace them with newer versions.

What’s to stop someone uploading copied work to their Myows account?

Nothing. But if disputed, the original creator would simply have to prove that they had the work before the date that the copier uploaded the work to myows. That way they can prove their copyright and disprove the uploading party’s claim.

Of course, if the original creator also has a myows account, that’ll be very easy! (Just remember to always upload your creations timeously)

Will Myows send any legal letters on my behalf?

No, but we will provide you with great legal templates and will even fill them in for you using the information you supply. Myows will however send proof of your uploaded work and related date to third parties upon your request.

Will Myows assist me in finding a lawyer if I ever need one?

We are building a global database of good Myows-friendly lawyers to assist in this regard.

When will Myows be available in other languages?

We hope to have Myows available in Mandarin, French and Spanish some day soon.

If we haven’t answered your question here, please contact us.

Copyright Basics for Graphic Designers

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