About us

Who is behind Myows?

Myows is a partnership between a leading brand strategist, a gifted programmer, an ambitious web designer and a progressive IP attorney who were all fed up with content theft and believed that in the digital age there had to be a better way to register one’s copyright.

Chris Human

Chris is officially in charge of the finances and the branding side of the Myows project.

As a result he gets to use the left and right and side of his brain equally and is therefore a well balanced person (if not a little overwhelming at times).

He is dedicated, passionate and a dangerously obsessive compulsive (Someone has to be – this is, after all, a paralegal security application)

His day job is “strategic brandcrafter” at a Cape Town based brand-building firm called Engage.

Dave O’Reilly

Dave is a programming genius.

His command of a vast array of programming languages means, disturbingly, that he dreams in code, which more beneficially means he can make just about any technology talk kindly to itself and to others.

His attitude to technology is both deconstructive and disruptive which belies his quiet appearances; however his digital strategies and solutions are the envy of the rest of us mere mortals with IQs of less than 150.

Dave lives in Singapore and is also a partner at Break Design.

Max Guedy

Max GuedyMax is a fearless web designer on a Quest for Simplicity.

He is French and South-African. 50/50.

Officially, he is the director at Myows, which means he runs day-to-day activities and gets to make his own coffee.

Unofficially, upset by the realization that no such service existed, Max conceptualized a copyright management app for people like him, then designed the beast with some help from his on and offline friends.

Max lives in Cape Town and runs both Agency Zebra and after his son Noa.

Steve Ferguson

Steve is an entrepreneur, attorney and teacher.

He is passionate about helping new and growing entrepreneurs make their mark in creative and new economy industries. Steve combines a litigation and business law background with specialist knowledge in Intellectual Property and ICT law.

Steve is a partner at commercial law firm NicciFerguson Attorneys and lectures Intellectual Property Law at the University of Cape Town’s Law Faculty. He is currently positioning himself as an expert in IP and ICT.

It’s not easy but someone has to do it.