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Myows® stands for "My Original Works".
Since 2010, Myows is one of the most useful Websites for Freelancers,
and the best app to manage your copyright.
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9 excellent reasons why you should use Myows

1. Sleep Better

Yup, that's right. How would you sleep if you knew all your earthly possessions were out on the sidewalk tonight? Not that well? Well then start looking after your most valuable possession... your intellectual property... with Myows and get a great night's rest.

2. Keep it Together

Creatives aren't known for being organised and we're not known for backing up our work either. Myows keeps copies of all your completed Original Works in one place and also lets you keep copies of related contracts and licenses. Plus you can access these files from just about anywhere.

3. Look Sharp

Clients and rich people everywhere value professionalism. Professionals, by definition, get paid for what they do. Manage your rights like the pro that you are. Myows gives you access to super slick certificates, sample contracts, licenses, tips and legal information.

4. Show Your Teeth

Stop would-be copyright thieves, pirates and other infringers by letting them know that you take your work seriously. Myows provides you with deterrent banners and graphics to artfully arrange on your website, presentation or doc, showing others that you mean business.

5. Jump on the Bandwagon

It's the Wild West, but with Myows, you are part of a community of copyright-savvy creatives who have your back. With shared knowledge, advice and experience, Myows is dedicated to changing the way the world values creativity for the better. One creative at a time, starting with you.

6. Save Cash

Legal battles are notoriously expensive. But Myows is all about making sure you never end up in court in the first place. You can enforce your rights, issue cease and desist letters and get offending sites removed. All before you need to call on the courts to solve your problems for you.

7. Suck Up

Some people like it the old fashioned way. Get the US governments official nod of approval by officially registering your copyright with the US government? Myows' exclusive relationship with Copybyte means you'll get a discount of between 10% and 30% on their pro services.

8. Don't Overshare

Unlike a couple of other sites that purport to assist members in securing their intellectual property, Myows keeps your work a secret unless you opt to have it featured on our galleries. After all, putting all your great ideas up on a global notice board isn't a good way of protecting them.

9. Make a Difference

Creatives everywhere have benefitted from technology in ways we can't even describe. But new communication methods have also made it easier to copy other people's work. We can change this is by creating a culture where copyrights are respected... and here's where that culture begins.

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